09  Feb

Based on Doc’s input, decided to give PVKII a whirl. I must say I like it. A lot. It totally lacks the pretension of most FPS games and is just plain fun. So welcome the newest addition to the Jigglyroom server family,

hostname:  Jigglypuff’s PVKII Jigglyroom!
version : 3224 secure
udp/ip  :
map     :  pvk_island at: 0 x, 0 y, 0 z
players :  23 (24 max)

Definitely an oldie but a goodie but now with prettier graphics. We used to run PVK I here at the Jigglyroom for a short period of time but unfortunately, it was adopted on the tail end of PVK’s life and died a premature death. Amazingly, like the ZP server, this one has already pulled in a crowd so what are you waiting for? Mindless swashbuckling and explosions await on PVK island!

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