The new Minecraft update came out a few days ago and because of the huge number of biome changes to this release, it was inevitable that we’d start anew. As of tonight at 9PM PST, we’ll open up the new server to settlers and let the madness of land grabbing begin. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about this new server:

  • Q: What’s going to happen to the old server?
  • A: Nothing! It’ll continue to run in parallel for the foreseeable future. If you don’t want to start all over again in the new server, don’t!
  • Q: Will you migrate my old structures into the new server?
  • A: Yes! We’ll do it on an “on-demand” basis, but it may be a while until we’re able to do so. The tools required to do the migrations such as WorldEdit are heavily dependent on Craftbukkit. CB is a server side binary rebuild that allows for the hooking in of administrative modules. without it, we’re stuck with vanilla Minecraft and no importing capability. CB exists because Mojang STILL HAS NOT RELEASED A SERVER API so we have to go through this exercise every. single. time a new release is available. This also answers the perennial question, “WHY IS LOCKETTE BROKEN?”. Because Mojang doesn’t love you and would rather see rainbow colored glass than prevent griefers from stealing your shit.
  • Q: Do we have to live in the stone age all over again?
  • A: No (sort of)! I’ll take a user snapshot of all the users on the old server and move them to the new server at 8:30PM today – that’s the cut off. When you join the server, let me know if you want to go with this optional migration plan because I won’t do it unless explicitly asked. Whatever you have in hand will carry over to the new server. This is a lot easier to do than moving your chests and buildings – which will come later. Keep in mind, I will MOVE your user file completely should you choose to do this. That means if you go back to the old server, you will start at the world spawn with nothing in hand. Doing this to prevent duping when the buildings also move over.
  • Q: What’s the new server’s IP/host address?
  • A: (the old server is or It’ll stay down until it’s “go” time.
  • Q: “Jigglypuff – I have more questions!”
  • A: lol

GL settlers!



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Fixed up a couple of things:

  • Got MCMap working again. Removed a bunch of files and edited some weird OpenVZ specific permissions problems. See how far your fiefdoms have come!
  • The server was timing out due to switch and hosting issues. Replaced the home 10/100 “switch” with a real HP Procurve. Yay enterprise gear!


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14  Apr
Hostname change

Moved the URL to Lando’s MC portal ( He’s done an excellent job of getting in the latest server stats, news, links, etc., all in a one-stop-shop kind of destination. Check out all the real time chatter, points of interest, and most importantly – who the biggest addicts are (not it!).

Also – updated the MCMap URL since its data sits in a different path. I’ll change the back end stuff at some point but meh – just use the updated link already.


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Generated a world map of the server so far and have it linked up for your viewing pleasure (also in the nav bar):

I’ll have a daily build going so that the server’s evolution can be seen by all.


If you’re not playing Minecraft, you’re missing out!

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08  May
NS2 Preload

Fyi, NS2 looks like it’s almost ready for release:

Start saving those nickels and times!

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08  Oct
IP Change

Fyi, the IPs are going to change… again. The migration should be fairly transparent but might take some time for people who have to wait for DNS TTL expiration. Unfortunately, the gaming servers are broadcast through Steam via IP instead of hostname so anyone that had the servers saved are going to have to do another search. Not that it matters really – the HLDS/SRCDS servers have been dead since the games we run aren’t favored by the cool kids anymore. All this processing power and bandwidth but nothing to run. Any suggestions?

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The server may go down tonight and will be offline for anywhere from 12 to 48 hours. It’s basically being physically moved from the 11th (?) floor of the 1 Wilshire building downtown and into the 9th floor. The provider is going to be the same and so is the IP space so nothing should really change. Heads up!

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Since we’re running L4D servers now (10 of them to be exact), now’s probably a good time to build up your Steam friends network and find JR regulars to play with! That’s why I’ve setup an official Steam Community group:

Jigglyroom Steam Community

What are you waiting for? Join in and whore yourself out on the latest social networking fad already! 🙂

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26  Nov
Braaains (Again)

Quick and dirty – created a Left 4 Dead server for the hell of it:

hostname: Jigglypuff’s OFFICIAL L4D Jigglyroom!
version : 3663 secure
udp/ip  : os(Linux) type(dedicated)
map     : l4d_vs_hospital01_apartment
players : 0 humans, 0 bots (8 max) (hibernating)

Please provide feedback so we can actually get this off the ground. Have fun!

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20  Nov
Back from the dead

Howdy all!

It’s been a while since I last checked in, hasn’t it? Well, thankfully my job’s holiday crunch period and my major project up in Seattle are both over so I’ll have a little more time to drop by. Found a cool little link I’d like to share with everyone:

10 Years of Half-Life

…guess what they thought was the #1 mod pick 🙂

Also, fixed up a few things on the back end such as the outbound email for the server (Sendmail sucks so finally replaced it) so you’ll get confirmation emails, comments approval for the site, and found post tags!

Anyways, hope all is well for ya’ll and if you have any questions or comments, as always, post them in the forums.


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