Last updated on 05/17/2007

(Jiggly's watching you.)

Q: Hey Jiggly! Is that really you???
A: Yep.

Q: Hey Jiggly! How old are you?
A: Too old for Pokemon, that's for sure.

Q: You have admins? Yeah RIGHT! Who?
A: Jigglypuff, Kmart Shopper, Saint Thoth, Suicidal Sniper,, [EFF]Defender, Kurt Jr. '94, Iron Legionaire, Robert, Chonkeydom, Houdini, Black Sun

Q: Can I have rcon access? Can I be an admin? I play EVERY DAY!
A: No. I have a strong belief that people that go out seeking power often abuse it. You can interpret that however you like, but sending me an email about this isn't going to help you at all. Of course, there is the rare breed of person that isn't in it for the power, the wanting to change the server physics, or to mess with the gameplay. These people can easily take verbal beatings from noobs, llamas, or the occasional veteran that acts like a llama with a different alias so that they won't tarnish their good name. They shrug it off. These people play just for the fun of it, and can keep their cool in the face of overwhelming hostility, and remove others from the server as a LAST resort(No offense to the reader, but I just ruled out almost everyone under 18 years of age). If you truly believe inside that you are only in it for the good of the Jigglyroom community, its players, and love of gaming but not for self gain, email me.

Keep in mind that I get tons of these emails every week, so the odds of me buying your story is against you. Your best bet to getting noticed by me or the admins is to play frequently and play like you normally do. Even if I'm not physically in the TFC game, I'm still watching...

Note: I think the folks at Girl Power TFC said it best:

"Basically the short answer to "can i be an admin" is tough luck... we almost always have enough admins at any given time Each were selected for various reasons by the server operator. The senior admin or server operator are the only persons who will issue admin status to a player. If you continually bug any admin about being an admin you will immediately be barred from consideration! Yeah but how do I get on your good site? Some of the things we look for are: Your personality, pacience, ablity to help others(namely noobies) with questions. Other things are just as important like the amount of time you spend on the GP server, Your technical abilities, You abilities to follow directions, and I personally look for admins that dont really want to be admins. So if you place on the server almost everyday almost every week, your nice to people, make friends with people, are team oriented, are reasonablity aware of how to use your computer, your timing is just right, and we notice you.. you may be asked for your email address and asked to become an admin. Let me say this one more time.. if you ask and admin if you can be admin your chances are cut by 1/2 of ever becoming admin..There is nothing another admin hates more then anwser that same question over and over again."

Q: Hey Jigglypuff! FU! Your servers suck! Why aren't you talking to me? Yeah, that's right. You're not the real Jigglypuff.
A: Please refer to this.

Q: Hey Jigglypuff! Can you change the gravity/enable cheats?
A: No, no.

Q: Can you put [custom map name here] into the rotation?
A: No. The Jigglyrooms have always used only standard maps, no custom maps. Most people don't have them, are too impatient to wait, and that's the reason why most of the JRs are almost always full. You don't have to worry about missing all the action while a map downloads.

Q: Jiggly, why aren't you kicking the chasers?
A: The concept of "chasing" the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. A robber goes into a bank and flees with a sack full of cash (the flag). You're a cop and you see the bank robber flee. You're not gonna stand there and just watch him run with the loot, are you??? Just mentioning something like chasing a year ago in a TFC server was grounds for ridicule from everyone. Nowadays, it's supposedly a legitimate accusation. I don't know how and why this came about, but chasing has been around forever in every CTF style mod that I've ever known of and it's never been an issue... until now. You call it chasing. Us veterans call it "defense." Live with it.

Q: Jiggly, why was I kicked/banned for 30 mins? Does it have anything to do with the vote kick I initiated?
Hell yes it does. Vote kicking someone out for no reason (or a really stupid reason) is grounds for YOUR removal. Vote kicking is only to be used WHEN SERIOUS, GAME-HALTING ISSUES ARISE such as door blocking, flag holding, etc. You don't see me kicking you for spamming/talking shit to me or my admins/chasing/bunny hopping/killing me too many times. If the server doesn't play by your own brand of rules and you don't like it, then maybe it's time you go somewhere else... where they accomodate your ideals and playing styles.

Q: Jiggly, why aren't you booting the autoriflers?
A: Do you seriously expect a sniper to stand there and try to take aim at you while you repeatedly attack at close range? If you don't like it that much, write to Valve and ask to have it removed.

Q: Jiggly, HWGAYs are SOOOO gay, why don't you put class restrictions on them?
A: Pull pin on EMP. Run at target. BOOM!. Problem solved. Alternate solution: Charge sniper rilfe. Aim at head. Pop!

Q: Do you seriously believe that a HWGAY can be taken out with ONE sniper shot???
A: Charge your gun for 7 seconds, then AIM FOR THE HEAD. Not the neck, not the upper chest... the head.

Q: Jiggly, put class restrictions on the snipers! There's too many of em!
A: The reason why I created the Jigglyroom in the first place was because of policies like that. Before there was the JR, I used to play on a server called Dadaless' TFC (this was almost 3 years ago). His server was pretty much the only game in town when it came to low latency TFC servers. Dadaless, unfortunately, was a pretty crappy admin. When he played, if you ever talked trash to him, he'd ban you. If you beat him badly, he'd kick you. If there was a class that consistently pummelled him, he'd put restrictions on it. He also had a legion of admins that did the exact same thing. Although I was never a victim of his powertrips, I created the Jigglyroom shortly after because I couldn't stand how he ran that server and treated other people. Anyways, the point is, I'll never put class restrictions in a game because I want each and every player to decide how he wants to play TFC, not some admin or admins or a special interest group. I still play from time to time (of course under aliases) and personally haven't found anything wrong with the current setup. It's pretty easy to take out almost any sniper. You just have to use your head. ...Yes, and I do find it very annoying when half the team is composed of 1-20 kill/death snipers that all have 500 pings and are pretty much counterproductive. Of course, I still won't kick them - unless they block a door or something =P

Q: Can you please remove armor stripping?
A: I won't disable armor stripping because it's the only thing that makes the spy class viable. Without it, there's no hesitation on the enemy's side to do spy checks on everyone. When you know that you have to check someone and it's going to strip their armor in the process, you're going to be a little hesitant about firing that shot. It's hard enough being a spy...

Q: Jiggly! That 500 pinger is lagging the whole server! KICK HIM!
A: HLDS isn't Starcraft. It doesn't work like that.

Q: Where are the servers located?
A: Somewhere in Los Angeles, Ca

Q: What are the Server IPs?
A: Jigglyroom Server IPs:

SERVER1: (20 player max)
SERVER2: (12 player max)
SERVER3: (32 player max)
SERVER4: (6 player max)
SERVER5: (20 player max)

SERVER1: (20 player max)

SERVER2: (20 player max)

Q: What's the map rotation?
A: Jigglyroom Map Rotation:

Server1 - Jigglypuff's Jigglyroom!:


Server2 - Jigglypuff's OTHER Jigglyroom!:


Server3 - Jigglypuff's THIRD Jigglyroom!:


Q: What's the server running on?
A: Jigglyroom Server Hardware:

[20, 12, 32, 6 player Jigglyrooms]

  • AMD Athlon MP 2000+ x2
  • 2 Gigs Registered, ECC DDR-RAM
  • ASUS A7M266-D (Dual)
  • Intel Pro Management 100 NIC

    Q: What OS is the server running?
    A: Server Config:

    [20, 12, 32, 6 player Jigglyrooms]

  • Linux - Gentoo 2.X
  • 46/ 2056 insecure
  • AdminMod/Metamod/HLGuard

    Q: What kind of connection is the server running on?
    A: Big big pipes. =) Think OC-X lines.

    Q: How can you afford the connectivity?
    A: Hehehe.. can't really answer that. Hookups?

    Q: I know you run the Jigglyroom services off the server, but who owns the box?
    The server is completely nonprofit, and is funded by Jiggly himself. Jiggly owns the box, top to bottom. All it does is run game services, and Jiggly does it for the love of games. It does get pricey at times, ouch. I won't deny that.

    Q: Can I help with any hardware or financial donations?
    No. Sorry, the reason why I've never accepted anything is because of the complications that come with other people "owning" parts of the box. It's like marriage I suppose. At first everything is cool and I'm free to use the hardware with no strings attached, but if a divorce comes along, shit's gonna hit the fan and server ownership disputes are gonna come along. There's also the issue of people wanting something in return like a shell account or rcon access. Sorry, for security reasons, that's unacceptable.

    Misc. Notes

    Q: What's the forum "VIP" code and why the hell do I need to enter one?
    The VIP code is the ol' combination "an idiot would have on his luggage": 12345. It's in place to keep the bot and third-world-labor (Russian) forum spammers out.

  • Any more questions? Bug Jiggly.